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Welcome to Morpurgo Class

In topic this term we will be learning and reading The Iron Giant. We will be focusing on who he is, where he came from and why he might have come here. This will take a focus within our English lessons as well as we focus on developing our language skills. The children will be focusing on using personification, similes as well as metaphors.

In Maths, we will be revising what we have previously learnt with regards to fractions and number. In addition to this, we will also be having a focus on co-ordinates and data handling.

In science, our topic for this term is forces! We will be conducting our own experiments to show how forces are used and how different variables can affect how these forces work.

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Teacher: Miss Harding

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We have been experimenting in Science with how yeast reacts with different food samples. This has involved us needing to use our measuring skills.

Morpurgo have had to put their knowledge to the test in order to identify different plants and animals.

We have been acting like true scientists as we have been creating our experiments, observing what happens and then recording and reflecting upon why this might have happened. These are the results of yeasts reaction upon different food samples.

We took our experiment one step further and included a different temperature aspect.

As we were learning about microorganisms, Morpurgo class wondered about the reactions organisms have on other items. We considered mould that appears on perishable items and the effect it might have on us as a human being. We then decided to watch yeasts reaction to water and sugar. We placed a balloon at the end of the bottle and watched, as over time, the balloon started to blow up with the carbon dioxide the mixture was producing.

Recently we have been learning about the topic ‘ Justice and Freedom’. This has included learning about famous political characters throughout history and their fight for what they believed. This included Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr as well as Mandela. The children had to research about a particular person and create a fact file, depicting their life and beliefs.