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Our Christian Values: Compassion Forgiveness Perserverance Respect Responsibility Trust

Welcome to Morpurgo Class

Indian Experience Workshop

The children took part in an Indian Experience R.E. workshop with Sunita. They listened to the story of Rama and Sita and enjoyed taking part in the telling of the story. Later in the day, the children were given the opportunity to put on traditional Indian clothes and learn some traditional dance moves.

Further information

Teacher: Mrs Links and Mr Johnson

Year 4, 5 and 6 Children


Festive Afternoon

Years 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed a festive afternoon of craft and activities at the Spalding Baptist Church. It was an enjoyable learning experience for the pupils. Thank you to the volunteers from the church for providing this opportunity and inviting us.

Mysterious Materials

Morpurgo’s main theme for this term is Mysterious Materials. The topic is science based and pupils will be investigating how different materials are made and how materials react to each other. There will also be investigations into soluble and insoluble materials. We are looking forward to making some slime!

In English pupils are learning about various non – fiction books and about the structure of different non- fiction texts such as non- chronological reports and explanation texts. As part of the explanation text pupils will be looking at the Alchemist’s Letter. The children will have to design and explain their own gold making machine. In Maths pupils are consolidating our four-operation knowledge. Additionally a main focus this term is problem solving and reasoning.


Welcome Back Mrs Links!

Our topic this term is Castles based on the question: What do castles have to do with WWI? This topic will also link closely to our writing in English and History. In Mathematics we begin the year with developing understanding of Place Value and extending to applying written calculations and measurements to problem solving. In RE we will be studying Christian faith and belief. The new Collective Worship leader, from our class, has worked hard organising the order of service and readings for the term. We are very proud of his devotion and him giving up his lunchtime to arrange readings, prayers, stories and reflections based on our Christian Values

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