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Endowed Church of England Primary School

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Welcome to Donaldson Class

We have a very exciting and busy two terms ahead with Year 1 phonic screening tests, Year 2 SATs and new reception intake sessions as well as all the usual eventfulness of ‘normal’ school life.

To add to the excitement (some of your children may have already told you) we have little guests we are looking after in class too. We currently have 6 eggs we are incubating in the main classroom and a tank of tadpoles in the reception classroom. These are helping bring the learning alive (literally)! Fingers crossed we do our research and learn how to care for them and help them grow and develop.

Our topic theme this term is ‘New Life’. We are looking at non-fiction texts, caring for animals, writing instructions and non-chronological reports, looking at life cycles and animal habitats. Keep your eyes peeled for more little creatures making their way into the classroom and a homework project.

Chinese New Year

We read the story ‘The Great Race’ that told us how the Chinese zodiac got their names. We had to pretend to be different animals from the story and give a reason why, using the conjunction ‘because’, we should be allowed to cross the river.

In science we learnt about our bodies and looked at our skeleton, muscles and senses.  We made lungs using different materials and resources to see how they worked.


Teacher: Miss Horness

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ham and Mrs Clare

Our Newsletter

We read the story ‘The Great Race’ that told us how the Chinese zodiac got their names.

We had races using paper and we were only allowed to blow it.

We learnt how to use chopsticks and had to complete the ‘Chinese chopstick challenge’.

We learnt Kung Fu and how this was only for self-defence.

We tested our taste buds by trying some Chinese food.  Most of us really liked it and would eat it again.