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Welcome to Dahl Class

This term Dahl class will be learning about plants and animals. This will include leaning about their life cycles, food chains, classifications and many other areas. We will also be joined by a small group of ants and their queen, who we will be able to observe in ant farms that have been set up in the classroom. In addition to this, we will also have the opportunity to share experiences with other mini beasts that class 1 will be keeping.

In Maths, there will be a focus on measurement, specifically regarding money. This will have the children using decimals to add and subtract as well as having to convert money from pence to pounds and vice versa. Later on in the term, there will be a focus upon statistics. This will involve the children learning about different graphs and charts and being able to collect and record their own data.

This term’s English will have a focus on adventure stories. The children will be writing their own adventure stories, starting with the plot and including a flash back. They will also be basing an adventure story on

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Teacher: Miss Harding

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Identifying the parts of a plant 20 April

Dahl class were very busy on Friday as they dissected daffodils. We are currently learning about animals and plants and have been very excited to get involved with different activities. We currently have 2 ant farms in the classroom for daily observations and now the children have been able to play the role of scientist as they dissected a daffodil to examine the various parts of a plant.