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Welcome to Dahl Class

Welcome back to the Spring Term! I hope you have all had a good rest and you’re ready for a full term of hard work and fun activities. Your continued support in regards to homework and behaviour is much appreciated. Find out more information in our class newsletter.

This term Dahl class will be delving into a DT and Science based topic that will be focused around the book of Mrs Armitage on Wheels. The children will be learning how to make their own vehicles out of the materials they have at school and the forces that are needed to not only make them move but also to make them stop. They will also be looking at Henry Ford and how vehicles have changed throughout history.

In Maths, there will be a focus on the children developing their multiplication and division strategies before moving onto the world of fractions.

For English this term, the children will be first looking at writing fantasy fiction based on a short clip called The Dream Giver. They will be learning how to use figurative language in order to broaden their descriptions. Moving on from this, the children will be linking their literacy with their topic as they focus on The-shirt machine and the creation of their own inventions. The children will be writing chronological reports as well as newspaper reports about their inventions.


Teacher: Miss Harding

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