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Welcome to Dahl Class

This term is a Science filled topic that focuses on electricity and magnets. The children will discover how we use electricity in everyday life and why magnets act in the way that they do. The children will have the end goal of building a security system that the Three Little Pigs could use in order to keep the Big Bad Wolf out. This will require the children to use all of the skills that they have acquired over the course of the term.

In Maths, we will be revising and expanding our learning with regards to place value and addition and subtraction. The children will be using a variety of resources to help them learn the value of each digit in a number, thus assisting in their mental math abilities.

For English this term, the children will be focusing upon fairy tales, in particular Cinderella, both traditional and from other cultures.. They will need to use their creative writing skills and use of figurative language in order to create a detailed setting and in depth characters.


Teacher: Miss Harding

Dahl Class Newsletter

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Three Little Pigs

On Tuesday 2nd October, Dahl class had the delight of welcoming parents in for the afternoon. They helped us to build houses for the three little pigs that could withstand the mighty breath of the Big Bad Wolf. The next step in protecting the little pigs will be to design and create working alarm systems that will warn anyone nearby of the wolf’s presence.