Cowbit St Mary's 
Endowed Church of England Primary School

Barrier Bank, Cowbit, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 6AE T. 01406 380369 Email.

Our Christian Values: Compassion Forgiveness Perseverance Respect Responsibility Trust

Welcome to Cowbit St. Mary's

Mr Bruce Johnson

Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Relton

Donaldson Class Teacher & SENCO

Miss Harding

Dahl Class Teacher

Mrs Links

Morpurgo Class Teacher

Mr Johnson

Morpurgo Class Teacher

Mrs Hall

PPA/Cover Teacher

Mrs Ham

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Elwes

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Braccialle

Teaching Assistant

Miss Katie Wignall

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Drew

School Business Manager (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Clerk to Governors

Miss Katie Wignall