Cowbit St Mary's 
Endowed Church of England Primary School

Barrier Bank, Cowbit, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 6AE T. 01406 380369 Email.


In order to provide our pupils with consistent opportunities to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills, we decided to move towards following the White Rose Maths Scheme.

As a team we looked at purchasing a range of resources to support this scheme of learning. However, we decided to use the White Rose resources and gather our own independent work which we could adapt to meet the needs of pupils in our classes. We use a range of resources (photocopies,  links on iPads, laptops or  displays on the Smartboards) to allow pupils to gain fluency and apply their reasoning and problem solving skills. 

This has provided pupils in our mixed-age classes with added opportunities to work independently and have ownership of their learning.  Teachers have confidence in this scheme as they have seen pupils’ mathematical language and vocabulary develop.  Pupils have also developed their mastery maths skills which is evident in the progress made, since implementing this last year.